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Big Bend Paleo - Geo Journal

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1)  This open access Web - Journal is for informal publications and documentation of findings of Mosasaur Ranch, (Ken Barnes, private), on the Paleontology and Geology of the of the BIG BEND area of Texas.

2)  There are thousands of scientific journals and bulletins covering thousands of academic subjects from all over the world. This Web - Journal is confined to and dedicated only to the Paleontology and Geology of the Big Bend area of Texas.

3)  The COPYRIGHT of  the publications herein belong to the author(s), any reference or re-use of any part of these publications  MUST be properly CITED.

4)  The subject mater, scientific value and validity are of the highest priority, any grammar or other minor inconsistency are of lesser priority. Your peer review or comments are welcome , e-mail

5)  My publications are based on  personal studies of the paleontology and geology of the Big Bend area of Texas for over 30 years. I have lived here and walked on and studied almost every exposure of the Cretaceous since 1969.

6)   I have several quarries and have collected a vast number of dinosaur fossils representing many different taxon. Ken Barnes remains in control and in possession of the fossils as long as he is operating the Mosasaur Ranch Museum or similar establishment. These dinosaur fossils have been donated to the Texas Memorial Museum, Austin, Texas. The final home of this Barnes / Gaddis Special Collection of dinosaur fossils---, ARE, in the Texas Memorial Museum Collection, Austin Texas.

7)  I have collected a number of , non-dinosaur, Mosasaurs, sharks, and other marine fossils off of my own property and other property with permission from the owners to take possession,  remove and make sure  they were preserved for scientific purposes  and I have donated them to The Shuler Museum of Paleontology at Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas.

8)   Other author(s) desiring their previously published papers, concerning the Paleo-Geo of the Big Bend area, to be included  in this Web - Journal are welcome upon approval.
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Ken Barnes, in search of the truth, I SEA geology
  Mosasaur Ranch Museum,
NO LONGER EXISTS, 6 / 28 / 014
managers and OWNERS, at LajitasES ran me out of my museum because I would not give them MY fossils that had donated to THE MUSEUM OF PALEONTOLOGY, at SMU, Dallas Texas

2011, Ken Barnes
2003, Ken Barnes
2015 Ken Barnes, SEE measured sections ABOVE and 3-D REPLICAbelow
2014a  Ken Barnes
4 / 16 / 2014, Ken Barnes
April, 2014
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